Below you will find some early explorations I carried out in the search for the ‘EarFilms’ form. Just thought it was fun to put these up here.

Some of these pieces saw me awarded the UK Young Artist of the year award, others were commissions, and some early pieces I created with my old group ‘The Hat’.

To hear more of what I’m up to now with EarFilms, and to see how this form has developed, check out http://www.earfilms.com or click on the links page, where you’ll find more EarFilms links. Thanks for stopping by!

‘Comedy’ from the album ‘shhh… 3 little earfilms’ 2009

‘Moment Catcher’ from the album ‘shhh… 3 little earfilms ‘ 2009

Excerpt from an early draft of To Sleep To Dream

The True Tale Of Christmas (a commission for OneTaste)

Fragments (a commission for Nottingham Castle)

‘The Machine’ by The Hat from the album ‘Heartstrings and Headtime Stories’ 2009